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Longtime games maker/maven with a serious technology jones--writing about freaking display goods for reasons that are beyond even me--for now...


This site is starting small. It is purely about anything with or that can be displayed, according to the whims of its founder HeadToob. Headtoob has written for many magazines, written books, writes an award-winning web-diary (under another Psued., ) and more... worked in the games industry for years. But displays continue to stay in rotation in the top seven interests of his daily life. Mostly you can expect that this will be a daily collection of reviews, clues, news, and our own editorial spews. Eventually Toob may grow into more but for the nonce, as displays are even showing up on freaking shirts, i-pods(TM), and your silly darned shaver... it may well encompass enough. Let's see if we can grow to 8 to twelve entries a day, shall we?