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28 June 2005



Per a post at AVS Forum, the Chinese company (TCL?) has bought most of the of the TV set (DLP) RCA business .


How depressing


It is very sad that America, the land of the free, needs to give up it's birthright in order to coddle and feed other countries. We have lost our identities in the world markeyplace. No one knows what the United States is a source for except providing soldiers for foreign wars and also the development of weaponry. How sad our original peace loving charter has turned us into a vigillant society. One day our "doom view" will do us in.


RCA has really been pretty much gone since the early or mid-eighties. Like Westinghouse coming back today, it is just an imprint, used by a firm outside the US. What killed our Toob biz was Japanese dumping of crap TeeVees in the 1960's and early 1970's (as they took a much longer term view of the biz than we did.) But then they improved, and the crap was coming from Korea.
But then they improved, and the crap now comes from China and India. Guess who owns the majority of our national debt (you know, the 380 B that we have spent on Iraq so far has to be paid by someone, right?)
It is no longer the Japanese... They owned our asses back in the 1990's before the bubble broke over there.
Nope. It is China. They own so much of us and our debt now that the Fed begins to worry about them dictating policy.
So, there are bigger worries than seeing the RCA imprint depart for now (however nostalgic one feels over it.)
Like does the shitty Chinese TV you own have the blood/sweat of prison labor as part of its make-up?
When our debt is this big, how much does Congress KOWTOW to China today due to them being in the pockets of Communist China?
Our Birthright? Hey! We’ve been kicked out of or ran away from every country on the planet! We’re Americans! Our birthright is robber-barons and folks who pillaged the very earth we are living upon.
Now… as to birthright, we ought to spend just a tad more time paying attention to the birthright of the next, next, next generations of Americans, hope they aren't all as dumb as Dubya, and don’t speak Chinese (as a first language.)

Happy-Go-Lucky-Rant-I-can’t-put-on-the-main-site ends.

chicho malanga

"Uncle" sounds like a John Kerry/Howard Dean fan. Specially the "Our birthright is robber-barons and folks who pillaged the very earth we are living upon" rant.


I bought the RCA 52" at walmart ! it worked for 1 day and blew up! what a turd


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