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07 July 2005



Mark Cuban responds to the Dolan note above...
>" Re Dolan, we get along great, it’s the guy that runs cablevision day to day that wont pick us up" >
He also repeats the request to call the corp. offices of the various cable companies, not the regular call centers, as that will get faster/stronger action. They are called out above--just click the links
You need to let them know you'll switch to DirecTV or Dish or whatever if they don't carry your programming choice.

As to the question about NBC carrying the launch feed from HDNet. Here's the quote from Mark, "No"


Where have you gone? It has been nearly a month without a new entry. This is one of my favorite sites. Have you given up?

Gonzo the Great

I wanted to ask the same question. Maybe he is on vacation? Give us any sign that you still there!



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